Off the Beaten Path

To experience William Hill is to discover another side of Napa Valley. A place where extraordinary vineyards are tucked away along the serene Silverado Trail. A place where you can still discover an incredible wine for the first time.

A Napa Valley that is off the beaten path.

But make no mistake: this is Napa Valley winemaking at its best. This is where talented winemakers, like our own Ralf Holdenried, are turning the world's attention to southern Napa's unique convergence of climate, soil, elevation and sun exposure. This is a place where some of the world's most extraordinary Chardonnay vineyards lie, just up the road from William Hill. A place where the benchland terroir of our own estate vineyard is virtually unparalleled.

William Hill Estate Winery is a unique place, in every sense of the word.

Off the Beaten Path Overview