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Our 140-acre estate rests on the Silverado Bench in Southern Napa. Millenia of geologic activity in the region have formed benchlands, gentle slopes that rise from the valley floor. Unlike the rich, sandy loam soil that dominates the Napa Valley floor, benchland soils - like those at William Hill - tend to be rocky, thin and nutrient-deprived. Vines here struggle to find water deep within the soil, forcing them to produce smaller berries with more intense color and flavor. This translates to exceptionally balanced wines with vivid fruit characteristics and a refined acidity.

At our home vineyard, significant variations in elevation, drainage and sun exposure - even from row to row - have prompted winemaker Mark Williams to carve out specific vineyard blocks, some as small as one-tenth of an acre. The grapes from each block are picked at their optimal ripeness and fermented separately, allowing Mark to bring the full expression of the vineyard into the bottle.

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