The best wines are crafted by winemakers who are intimately connected to their wines. Winemakers who stay close to the vineyard, who select their grapes by hand at the perfect moment of ripeness. Winemakers who taste their barrel selections and blend the individual lots together to create an exquisitely balanced wine.

This is how Ralf Holdenried makes wine at William Hill Estate Winery. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

"During harvest, I want to be out in the vineyard where all the flavors are developing, but I also want to be in the winery for the next steps," says Ralf. "Here, I have the great luxury of seeing what we've picked on a given day and then tasting from the fermentation tanks, almost instantaneously."

Ralf's range of soft, expressive wines reflect his passion for the tucked-away vineyards that make southern Napa and the Silverado Trail so extraordinary.

Ralf's Story